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Starting off you need to have a clear strategy in mind when you are looking into paid advertising on googles search network. You have to look at the competition, market, age of the product, customer base etc. to get an understanding of what your campaign should aim at. Like everything on the internet, the first, thing you should do is to devise an appropriate landing page and then look into AdWords.

Here are some strategies that will help you in 2018

  • Try out in-Market Audiences- Google has a huge repository of data and they keep tabs on every individual that enters google. In market audiences allow the marketer to look beyond demographics and find people who are really interested in buying a product or service. This is possible only because of Google because it tracks each person’s movement on its search engine and uses it to determine his needs.
  • Test Dynamic Ads-Dynamic ads allow a marketer to remarket the exact product a prospect customer looked at. This can be done through display ads which may contain the product he wanted but for some reason never bought.
  • Ads with real-time updates- make advertisements enticing so that the user has a sense of urgency and quickly comes to your website and making a conversion. Use a countdown timer or any other text which makes him aware that a special offer is going on.
  • Schedule your Ads- don’t simply waste your resources by targeting users when the business is not open. This usually happens and people might see your ad in the midnight which simply results in you losing money and a customer. Run your ads during peak business hours or run it when your customers are actually online.

One of the most important tools which can help you calculate ROI is conversion tracking. Set this on your website and AdWords will record the actual sequence. You can easily see conversions for AdWords after that.

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