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E-mail marketing is the cheapest and easiest form of digital marketing your company could invest in.

However, it should never be taken as an easy method to getting conversions. Email marketing when done right, increases your sales tenfold.

What most people do nowadays is to select a template and text, then send it out to multiple audiences expecting results. Your Email marketing and execution strategy should be perfect in order increase your chances of getting conversions.

Given below is a list of Effective E-mail marketing strategies to increase open rate & conversion;

  1. Personalized Subject lines

It always makes a difference when you send out an email with the receiver’s name in the subject line. Personalized subject lines always ensure better open rates as your recipient’s always treat E-mails with their names enticing and helps in creating an intimate connection with your subscribers.

A happy birthday message will always get opened compared to traditional subject line. Try to lure in your subscriber’s by increasing their curiosity. Use Numbers and emoji’s in your subject, these are some of the sure fire ways to increase open rates for email.

It is also important to get your content out in a way that your subscribers themselves want it to be. Speak in their tone and style.

  • Segmenting your Subscriber list

Segmenting your subscriber list over their interests or other metrics is bound to improve your results. List segmentation helps in personalization on the basis of buyer behavior, what products they like, their professional background or what time do they actually go through their emails.

Try to pick out some areas of interest or just what their favorite sport is? These type of segmentations ensure that your subscribers are getting to see what they actually want. Always plan ahead before you segment. Mail Chimp is a great tool for segmentation and personalization.

  • Always Keep your mobile users in mind

Most uses now prefer opening mails on their smartphones than ever before. This change has resulted in marketers to better optimize content for mobile.

Using a responsive E-mail design is one practice E-mail marketers use to improve mobile readability and interaction. Keep your content clear. Make sure that your subject line or you pitch is short and visible. Call to action buttons must also be clickable from a mobile device.

Image optimization also goes a long way in improving loading time. Several platforms now offer mobile optimization and make use of advanced algorithms to get your content across in an effective way.

  • Optimize your email list and keep it fresh

A typical email list loses 25% of its customers every year. It is very important to refresh your email list every now & then to improve your chances of getting conversions. Most accounts even go stale after some time.

Filtering out unresponsive recipients is always very important. Create opt-in forms that attract users and always provide them with an overview of what value they are getting through emails.

Perform engagement mails to revive your list, ask your subscribers on what they want instead of what they are getting, offer coupon codes for completing a survey. These are some of the ways you can re-engage the cold list.

  • What time should I send my mail?

A message life span is very short, most of the emails get read the 1st hour after the message is delivered. Timings are very important here. The day of the week is another important factor to note. Weekends are never a great time to send out your mails.

The most optimal days of the week are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Always remember not to send out your Emails in Saturdays or Sundays.

What is the optimal time of the day to send out a mail?

We cannot be truly accurate on the best time of the day. It is dependent on several factors like the type of content you send, the recipients geographical location, his age and profession.

Most of the study show that 10 in the morning should be a great time to send your mails. This continues to gain momentum and hits peak at 12pm.

If we go by, research data Tuesdays 12pm is the best time to send out your mail.

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